New double-decker train for Aeroexpress from Natalia Lavrova on Vimeo.

This film was produced in collaboration with the Helix Studio in 2013.


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Shockolady - I Like it like that 2012

For this project we created some of Manhattan streets in evening lights in CGI, filled them with people and placed a singer to drive a 3D car. This entire environment was made using photo-references of NY. We had to work within extremely short time and tight budget.

Sochi Olympic Presentation 2012

A series of 3 films dedicated to Sochi Olympic

We created 3D environment of two Olympic Clusters using architectural plans and laser scanned data.

Modeling area for Mountain Cluster was 160 square kilometers. Clarified up to 1 meter for showing in some cameras. Roads and railways were created in AutoCAD Civil and embedded to the landscape.

With the help of CGI we showed construction of Stadiums in Coastal Cluster. It had required exploring the building and construction technologies. Some buildings like Central Stadium were designed by a few concept sketches.

This project forced us to make a lot of effort in optimizing scenes and textures. Some of the new techniques were found and applied during production.

1st and 2nd parts created in 2010-2011 were awarded at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in 2012 for Best Animation, Graphics and Special Effects. The 3rd part created in 2012 was converted into 4D film and was shown in Russian Pavilion during London Olympic.